Monday, June 21, 2004
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Hum jiving with Tum... and vodka

There's something about jiving to a hip hop-cum-Punju number while typing out a report on the bond and rupee markets. Especially, when that particular number you're listening to is so peppy that you can't help but nod your head and sway your body and jerk your shoulders - all with a very intent expression on your face - so that people passing by your desk give you quizzical looks. You feel like saying, 'Hey, buddy, this is what life is meant to be - hum tum !', but then you realise that you don't really give a damn, and so you just settle down to write a blog entry on that.

My experiment with truth.... ? (Heaven forbid)

I've noticed that jiving always seems better sense when I've downed a tall glass of sprite-drowned vodka. I've also noticed that, like all amateur alcoholics, while I tend to get 'high' very easy and very fast on it, my high dissipates quite well too... unless there happens to be some strongly jiving hip hop in the background that gets me going... There, now that should warm the heart of the most distant, coldest Punjabi - namely my once-upon-a-time flat mate and now potential roomie, who refused to come see Hum Tum on Saturday. But then, I'm a forgiving guy - especially with a tall glass of sprite-drowned vodka behind me, and so I make all kinds of undeserved charitable comments...

... and race on sentences without any signs of full stops in sight...

Just for the record, I don't drink at work - hic! - though I tend to be high all too often and almost everywhere.

That's a personal hazard.


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