Friday, July 30, 2004
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'Come September'

Terrifying how things have a propensity to change. You'd think you should get used to all of that, but you never do. I never do.

Come September, and it's time for Delhi to pack up its bags and leave me. If I was given to theatrics, I'd talk of funny holes in weird hearts - gawd, I AM so theatrical! ;-) Wouldn't have it any other way.

But it's sooooo true - theatrics and all - I've come to love this city, I've been staying in for the last three months! Once upon a time, I was nervous like hell of coming to this place, the big bad world of politics and summer heat - so much so that I even debated not taking up this job, preferring to journey straight on to sultry Mumbai for a spin... and here I am now, in love with West Patel Nagar... or what West Patel Nagar embodies for me.

From the frying pan of answers to the fire-kind of definitions - what did it embody for me exactly...? Love, yes... there simply is no use of trying to cover that up, since most of my closest friends already know that I was involved with someone here in Delhi. But, love and heartbreak come together, and that eluded me this time - I had the joy and the tumult of love, but when we broke up, none of the anguish - am I lucky or am I deprived? Whatever it is, WPN seems none the worse for it! ;-)

Bonding, above all - and in this respect, WPN is a far cry. I travelled miles in Delhi (and why on earth is that song Miles to go before I sleep in my head now?) ... Kalkaji and Nehru Place and Saket and Malviya Nagar and Greater Kailash and Gurgaon and Janakpuri and Punjabi Bagh and Pitampura and Dev Nagar and South Extension and Dhaula Kuan and Connaught Place and Mehrauli and New Mangalapuri and Timbuktoo. Somebody bought me a flying carpet in Delhi, and I hid it under the bed.

And it's terrifying to leave all that behind you. Always exhilarating to hope and wish and pray that you're not lost in a big bad city like Mumbai - but the funny thing is, Mumbai was actually this paradise of cool people and cool things before you actually LIVED in Delhi... paradoxical illusion, but who really gives a damn?

Apart from me, I mean.

Terrifying how things have a propensity to change. I'd think I would get used to all of that, but I never do.


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