Monday, July 12, 2004
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Mad eclectic somethings

So I went shopping yesterday, after a long hiatus. Something uncannily eclectic, something irrepressibly myself, and something smart enough for work - those are my priorities these days, and so, off I went. The days of fingering through piles of black-stringed pendants for just the right one to fit around my neck seemed eons back, though it was only perhaps last week. A lot of stares at office - who is that gay guy with the 'om' around his neck - and it was relegated back on the side table next to my bed. The 'om' can wait for Mantra, or Agni, or Mojo... perhaps, by the time I hit Incognito, it won't be so hopelessly out of style, so completely cliched? Maybe I'll have to fish out a swastika in that case.

The something uncannily eclectic took care of itself after rummaging through price tags and size slips that would fit both my wallet and me, necessarily in that order. Something white, something long sleeves, something striped, something form fitting... something deliciously at a 40% discount. I love you, Globus.

Something smart enough for work took slightly longer, however. In a shop, out a shop, and the several phone calls from my companion telling me to hurry up not really helping. Stripes are good, checks are good, but bold stripes and red stripes are definitely out, and big checks in bright oranges make my skin turn purple. Something white and thin stripes again turned out to be the savior, and the 30% discount deserved a 'praise the lord' as very few others ever did.

The something irrepressibly myself however eluded me on my binge trip. I probably could not have got it at a discount, anyway.


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