Monday, July 05, 2004
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To kill a Mocking CC

Too much mooning around over 'what-ifs', and imagined and reciprocated loves both. Too little time devoted to simple nonsensical whimsy, and I aim to correct that now.

So this one is dedicated to the Cheshire cat - here's to hoping his smile (and mine) never die out.

For some reason, however, I've never liked the Cheshire cat of Lewis Carrol. I've always wondered what on earth was the logic (?) that instigated such an abomination on Carrol's part. Imagine that: an orange cat that hangs on branches, poofs up here and there, when it's totally unwanted, makes all these silly observations that a 13 year old girl would hardy understand, and then poof away again before you could murder it.

If you notice - I mind it's grin least of all. No, the grin... the grin is something I commisserate with, perhaps even empathise with. The grin is perhaps CC's only saving grace, if grace is the word I ought to use.

I wonder if CC ever mooned around over a female CC, or if he was always meant to be... um.. asexual? God knows, in spite of the grin and all, I could NOT take another CC on the sidelines - replete with the possibility that they might mate and the very first litter may see eight or ten mewling, sniveling, giggling, questioning, poofing CCs. It simply boggles the mind.

So, no - one CC is enough. And I'm glad that he/she/it doesn not spend his time mooning around as some of us are apt to do so... The spectacle of CC, for instance, lounging on the ACJ window sill, lost in his thoughts over lady CC, would tempt me overmuch to toss him out, hoping that he doesn't poof away in time.

Due apologies to a certain someone... yada yada yada. ;-)


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