Friday, July 02, 2004
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What, who, where, why, when - what if?

What's more lasting - a brief fling with an attractive person, or a romance to launch a thousand poets' careers?


Working non-stop at your desk all day, and thinking about a certain person, thinking about what might have been, what could have been, what may still be but if it does, it is simply too far away for you to see... Seems like heaven one instant, and then you laugh at yourself and think you're acting all very strange and all very funny over one person with whom you knew it could never work out... You are so completely different, the two of you, and you hardly ever spend time with each other, and yet, when you do, you are so completely comfortable with one another... And then, in those fleeting moments, you realise that you do have some things in common - little things like the way you eat your sandwich, or the way a certain singer sings, or the words that pop out of your mouths so simultaneously.

And then, when you think about all of that, sitting at your humble abode, a parish priest, busily scribbling his scriptures, you can't hide the bare traces of a smile on your face. that horrible, tantalising, energetic question that keeps probing and pushing, searching and squeezing you...

What if?

What if pigs had wings and could fly?

What if dragons and unicorns roamed the skies?

What if Atlas ever shrugged, and played football with the world?

What if you only needed some more time to fall in love, but were denied that last instant?


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