Monday, August 23, 2004
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Amazing Grace

Sentiment battles with the sea. It seemed a strange line to suddenly think of, and so I said it. If this be a record, then let it record my words, even the strange, off-beat ones. (The image of a little girl, in a red-and-gold lehenga, with her father on a Chennai bus, is what I'm thinking of now, amid other strange, random thoughts.)

The train to Delhi that I will board tomorrow, the cloud-stricken sky that I shall see outside the window tomorrow, that will give way to a parched patch of air as the train winds it way closer to Delhi.

I'm hoping that it rains in Delhi. I'm hoping I will still have time to wander the pillars of Connaught Place when it is raining torrents, touch the Taj Mahal on a clear day, smile lightly to myself at the green lawns on either side of the India Gate, murmur in awe as I pass South Block.

Thinking of a cafe, warm and dim, a fire billowing somewhere, strains of soft guitar wafting through, laughter and songs, and standing there on the porch. I've never seen it snow, and I hope it does on this particular evening, as I stand there, licking snowflakes with my tongue, listening to an ethereal voice around me sing Amazing Grace.

It has been an amazing life.


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