Saturday, August 07, 2004
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Get away from the computer, get away from the music, get away from the place you work in, and get a life. Get ahead of the others, get on a bus to Successville, get on to looking around you and not so much deep inside you. Get a home for yourself, get some sense of identity, get some passion, get some anger, get a means of telling people to go take a hike.

What's in it for the blog? What's in it for you? What can it make, or shake or break? Do you see people queuing up before consoles for you, or jiving to beats they think you conjured up, or reading fantasy novellas that you think you cooked up?

Get away from home, get away from safety and security and homeliness and domesticity. Get a foot in the rat race, and for once make sure the other guy falls flat on his face. Get over being nice, and get over calling twice when they don't hear you, and get yourself a raise when they're not looking, by playing dirty when they are looking. Get over it.


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