Tuesday, August 03, 2004
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Write a poem, write a conversation, write about what went wrong with your life, or what went right. Write about the walk you took last night, or the bike ride in the rain. The water playing, making you think of what you'd like to do with that person you met last week, the words you'd like to whisper in a brand new ear, hoping they hear you well. You don't want to be mistaken, and you don't want to be left by the wayside.

Nobody does, so tell me something new.

Write a para of thirst and drought, and see if you can co-mingle the two. You should be able to, if only you can look out of the window and see the drizzle. Talk on the telephone, and hear someone tell you how he pines for someone, and you can furrow youe eyebrows... did you ever feel that way for someone, or did you ever even want to?

Write a note, or even a critique, on all those movies you used to see, back home, where the train will carry you. Imagine you're back where you were born, surrounded by all those people you met eons ago, and talked and laughed those years through with. Write a log then, of all that you swore you'd never feel, and all that you did, or all that you swore you'd feel, but never actually did.

Again, tell me something new.

A hard critic is a hard nut to crack. Pour your soul all like gleaming honey. Lick it, taste it, moan in delight, close your eyes, make love to yourself, and still the critic sits there on his armchair, worn and shabby leather, not very bemused, not very moved, not very... anything.

Write a poem, write a conversation -

That does it. Forget anything new.


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