Wednesday, August 11, 2004
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I'm not in love
It's just a phase I'm going through!

- Enrique Iglesias, 2004

Just a sort of affirmation to all the people who have actually been kind enough to ask me...

Bonding over time

I never thought before how much I've grown seeded into the bond market. Here I was, explaining bond yields, treasury bills, floating rate auctions, repo rates and more of those goblins to Rouhan, ahead of my impending homeward-bound holiday, and I was hearing some part of me chant inexorably: Freak, freak, freak...

Ah, well, I guess it takes you unawares, like the other things that you do so much that you suddenly wake up one fine morning and realise that it's just one of the things you do. Terrifying to think that I could actually have a ten minute conversation with Ashish Vaidya of HDFC Bank and Arun Kaul of PNB (analysts who evoke such heartfelt emotion, believe you me!) about whether or not the RBI will increase repo rates, and actually come out feeling mildly satisfied at the outcome... pretty comical really...

Ah well, like Enrique says, it's just a phase I'm going through.


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