Thursday, August 26, 2004
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A moment's pause

Animated parrot to animated dog: Squawk!

Animated dog to animated parent: Woof!

Bespectacled and bewildered onlookers (let us presume them to be human this point of time): Oooooooo....

Welcome to the Land of Oz, the banners proclaim, in star-spangled colours: red, yellow, gold and blue/ with shots of crimson shining through, welcome to the world inside your head, where good things become jaded, and new things become old, where skies are full of sunsets and sunrises are full of dew, where rain is always misty, more of touch and sight and sound and feel and smell, and less to do with wet slush.

Animated parrot, wearing bifocals, now says to animated dog: My good friend George Bernard Shaw says -

Animated dog, scratching nose, to bespectacled animated parrot: Now what in heaven's name did I say, or are you merely out to misquote me?

Befuddled and bereaved onlookers (I think we may as well let them be human now): Squawk! Woof!


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