Monday, August 09, 2004
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Sans blues

Complexity is my middle name. Monday morning, sans blues, cuz there's not too much work right now, and Sharon is back, and I'm actually almost missing not being ploughed under by the stock market. Only momentarily, though - Complexity may well be my middle name, but Stupid hopefully is not. So, out come the headphones, and here I am, blogging away to simple-minded bliss, while listening to a Chalte Chalte number on the radio... laugh with the RJ, live with the RJ, and tap my fingers on the keyboard in tune with the RJ... corny, yes... but hell, a certain kharroos editor is not in today, and I guess that's why the sky looks so sunny.

Actually, to set the point straight, the skies over Delhi are hardly sunny - they're this yummy grey, with the promise of light drizzle and strong wind, the sigh of love and philiosphy that can go blow... made for you to throw your shoes away and walk under the columns at Connaught Place, lick at caramel and honey ice cream at Baskin Robbins, sip on a cup of hot chocolate full of deliciously fattening calories...

I'm happy, deliriously almost - and the song on the radio has changed to a fast Strings number... baadal ke saahil ke saath leheraaygi


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