Tuesday, August 31, 2004
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The time of day

In my case, blog content depends on the time of day. Invariably, after an afternoon replete with bond yields and whatnot, when I sit down to blog, that's when the so-called finer side of me manifests itself, so there I sit, typing away about things reflective, the way you feel when you're in love, the kind of joys I want for myself - aspirations, ambitions, and whatnot.

Compare and contrast when I'm bored and I blog, usually in cases like this: early (well, moderately, at any rate) in the morning, when there's not much work to be done and here I am, typing away at random keys for want of better things to do, wondering how on earth CNBC can be persuaded to give me a travel allowance (and then wishing that pigs had wings and could carry me off to Bombay, and thereafter pay my expenses)... in general, vela. That's when I talk nonsense, sometimes bitchy - but then, I'm a reformed man, and I never bitch about anyone (mother swear!) - something quite idiotic.

That's a separate kind of joy, quite apart from the ambition-aspiration class.


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