Friday, August 06, 2004
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Twitch, and one eye lazily opens. There's noise emanating from somewhere... somewhere... my roomie is watching some irritating Tamil songs on TV, at 5.30 am IST. He's back from his night shift, and that means it's time for my early morning eye-twitch.


Thank god, I can sleep through a tsunami... Tam music and pelvic thrusts don't stand a chance. One more eye-twitch, and I shift to the other side of the bed. Classic foetal position.

Alarm bells ringing.. in the phone, not my head. A hasty hand reaches out to shut the damn phone alarm. A lazy eye notes, it's 7 am IST now, and roomie is also asleep. Classic foetal position. Twitch and sleep again.

Yawn... both eyes open now, and I try to get up, but head feels heavy, and I don't try anymore. Other side of bed again.

Alarm bells ringing MAJORLY now - in my head, not the phone. It's fucking 8.30 am IST, and I'm due in office by 9.15 am IST. Tornado strikes, but my natural inertia resists as only it can.

Hurry... slow... hurry.. take it easy... hurry... calm down... the schizophrenic in me manifests all its different selves abundantly.

Wonder vaguely what would happen if I cut my throat while shavng... doubtful whether sleeping roomie will wake from slumber. Wonder vaguely while showering what breakfast they'll serve at office - but hell, another voice says, you're so late they'll probably take the food off the table - thank god there's a geyser here in Delhi. The city is marvelously cool this morning.. hallelujah.

Knock knock.. thump on Piyu's door.. knock knock.. thump on Karuna's door. Nopes, K has already left, P is combing her hair.. the promise of a Maggi ad hangs in the air. Two minutes, she says, but it takes us another 15 to finally hail an auto.

Bhaiyya, Jhandewala Extension.., Videocon Tower.. roz pacchees se jaate hain, bhaiyya, aap kaisen tees maang rahe ho?

Placated, persuaded, promised, we head out.. small talk in the rick about discs we haven't checked out, and impending penury in Bombay.. tra la la la, optimism for a new day.

Screech! Thank you bhaiyya... you got a twenty, Piyu? All I have is a fiver... thanks.

Breeze through to the ninth floor... good morning everyone, sorry I'm late... mmm... do they still have paranthas in the canteen?

Gulp. Coffee, not a gasp.


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