Monday, September 13, 2004
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Aboard Taj Express to Mars

Deciding to bunk a day at work to go sightseeing at the Taj is actually harder than when I first planned it. So many things to be considered, not least of all the precarious state of my finances. The same explains my cautiousness in looking for an apartment in Bombay - remote controlling a search for a house simply does not work for me - I know I'm liable to crib when I get down there, and that doesn't help matters either.

Awmigawd - I have an uncanny feeling this entry is going to turn into a whine-a-thon!!!

Nopes, nopes, nooooo - take deep breaths, calm, steady, steady, must not imitate Sharon, Nobody loves me yaaaa

There, I laughed. Somebody called me mean once, and I have no recollection now of who the grand prophet was. Ho hum... whine-a-thon TV slot over, and now it's time for the Great Bore-ier Reef. This channel does not seem to be very happening. For one, there are no bikini babes around, in teeny-weeny thongs. Sad. No money, where on earth will the bikini babes show up from?

Maybe from Mars(?)


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