Saturday, September 25, 2004
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So I have a house now. Or rather, for the sake of precise, medicinal clarity, I have a rented 1 bhk, on a paying guest agreement from a fat landlord who has a thriving computer hardware business and lives in a flashy apartment off Peddar Road. Does envy shine through clearly, as I meant it to?

sigh... but... I have a house, and leave us ignore the cynic within.

Like somebody told me - cynic, stop being a brat!

These little sycophantic, schizophrenic ramblings do good for the soul, methinks. Or at least, a part of me (SCHIZO!) thinks. I have a house - I have a house - a 1 bhk, in Parel, ten minutes from office by cab, and I have to buy sheets and pillows for the house, and get it cleaned up, and have the plumber come in, and the carpenter to fix the tight door, and I have to stop sounding like a 50's housewife in the US.

I have a house - period.


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