Friday, September 17, 2004
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Last night in Delhi

Last post in Delhi.
Felt it deserved some sort of a commemoration.

Current frame of mind: relief, trepidation, exhaustion, serenity.
Current environment: dawdling in a half-empty 'Portal', phones still tringing now and then, click-clack of the guy next seat in his love affair with his computer.
Current vestments: crumpled khaki shirt (South Extension), cheap Rs 400 jeans (Karol Bagh), dirt-cheap Rs 100 sandals (Chandni Chowk).
Last person I talked to on the phone: the person I firth thought I could fall in love with.
Current person I'm thinking about: the person who's birthday party I'm missing right now.

Somehow, this commemoration hardly embodies what I'm feeling.

Goodbye, Delhi - it was great knowing you - hope to bump into you soon.


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