Monday, September 27, 2004
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Small things go a long way

Relived memories yesterday when off I went to Bandstand (ever wonder where the band stood there, on the beach, on the wharf, on the road, where?). It was nice, great catching up with friends I hadn't seen for over six months, just... goofing off, laughing, chatting. Gawd, wonder if I sound like your typical stressed-out Mumbaikar maniac who discovers childish joys at doing velaa things... scary thought.

A weekend spent at Bandra soothes me - it's nice to relax back in the lap of luxury which I know someone else is paying for - it's daunting to head back to your own place, and wonder how to bargain with your next-door neighbour who you're hoping to rope in as your maid, or how to call a plumber in an area dominated by istiri-wallahs, or how to find a shop that will duplicate your house keys for you, or 'how to...' a milion other things. Setting up shop, set up a home, become an MBA, pray for more money skywards, it's all in day's work.

But relived memories and a soothing weekend is what has helped me ease the strain. I'm hoping today will be one when I will not return to the flat and curse aloud this city, and wonder at what provoked me to come here in the first place. I'm hoping, today things will go smoother - that I will be able to get that maid, that plumber, buy those things I'm supposed to, get those keys duplicated, and sink into my bed with a rested frame of mind. Basically, I'm hoping that the god of small things is real.


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