Saturday, October 09, 2004
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A broken episode

This is an experiment. Thought of a picture and this is what came out of it. I may decide later on to write in continuous prose - but for now, broken lines will suffice.

Beat of drum, shard of trumpet, conch of shell, tremble of bell
Celebration, jubliation, mourning, sorrow, passing
Full circle rarely comes, live your life half
Walk in the night, tread soft, hear jingle-jangle, padding feet
incense smell, misty eyes, blink again
white and orange flowers, wreaths adorned
Shining hair pleated black, faint smell of oil, lavender
ancient words that speak of wisdom/ or is it nothing at all
Walk on, walk on, glitter girl, brave young boy
Carry on carry on, litter man, time over
Meet at the cross roads
exchange glances
An omen?
what say?
Exchange fearful glances, consult astrology books
pray to the stars
what does it mean - your guess is as good as mine
Interrupted by a conch shell
Live life full circle
what goes around comes around
Carry on, litter man, glitter girl, brave young boy
nod heads, wipe eyes, hunch shoulders, carry on
Shards of thunder, torrents at the ghat, rice pot tumbling over
Glitter girl has red feet
litter man has wet feet
could brave young boy have cold feet?

Any guesses what the picture in my mind was?


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