Monday, October 04, 2004
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Doodling devils

An idle mind is a devil's workshop, or so they say. Sounds like a great status to jot down for your Yahoo Messenger, if you're the kind who likes to attract attention, upraised eyebrows, and comments on hereditary insanity - like I do. Works both ways, really. Works either way.

The other day, a friend I have not seen for ages messages me, and asks me what on earth have I done to myself, with all this devil nonsense. So I smile (cyber-grin), and I hem and I haw (cyber hem-haw), and I draw successive smileys, and answer that I've always been like this. God, it felt great talking to her after such a long time, felt great hearing someone you haven't met in ages telling you that you still sound the same, that you still are funny, and that she still wants to meet you now, despite all the eras that have come and gone while you and she were apart.

And then, you call up somebody else, late-night STD, hoping, hoping, hoping that she will pick up the phone, and you can surprise her with your voice - Hey! It's me! You even have the imagined giggling and quealing down pat - this is how she'll respond, and she'll love the fact that you called up after so long, and she'll adore the fact that a part of you is still in love with a part of her. But the phone keeps on ringing, and you try a second, third, fourth, fifth time, and you tell yourself that BPO activities leave one exhausted at night, and she's had an early night. So you shrug away your mild disappointment, and settle down to have a bland dinner in an office you've been in for the last 14 hours.

But happy endings are like layered wedding cakes - it takes tier by tier to get to the top, and it gets creamier as you get there. She did call me the next day, and she told me I had missed her birthday. So I laughed and I hemmed and hawed (thank god, no cyber hem-haws) and I told her how I missed her so completely. And when she asked me what I was doing with myself in this strange new city, with so many strange people on either side, I laughed with all the memories of holding her hand, and said, Nothing - I'm just idle. And of course, my little devil responded with my own Yahoo Messenger status message.


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