Tuesday, October 05, 2004
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Need more coffee here

Met a person who is afraid to be what he is not, the other day. Plan on meeting another person tonight, who is not so sure of his life. Hell, we'll shake hands and make conversation, and laugh at jokes of things we said and did years ago.

Disjoint worlds never seemed so conjoined before - like some strange Siamese phenomenon, connected at the hip, individual bodies and minds yearning to break free, but very much part and parcel of the same deal.

And then I laugh, and sip coffee, and marvel at the intricate details of the book I'm reading, very textbook comic hero narrative, but infused with these little gems of codes, or anagrams, or bits of legend and trivia, that make me keep on turning the pages, even though I cannot stand the schoolboy way of writing.

Sample: What they saw in the rosewood box stunned them. It was not the chalice of Christ, the Holy Grail, by any long shot, but the realisation that it was something far more arresting, far more important, made them even wonder for an instant whether they could believe the evidence of their own eyes.

Everyone's a critic, somebody once said. Hell, I never pretended to be any better.


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