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Saturday, October 30, 2004
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Restoration project

The idea behind a new blog for all my old stuff has been there for a long time. It just took me ages to implement. It was getting tedious to check out the old website which had all the old stories and articles, and even when I took the pain to do so, it was infinitely clear to me that many of the entries were hopelessly outdated, and in dire need of adjustment. The process began slowly over the past week, when I made some effort to ressurect a couple of the old ladies and applied a bit of rouge on sallow cheeks - distemper them a bit. Call it a restoration project of sorts.

So it was back to the drawing board again, back to Blogskins, and back to making choices (detailed, informed, concise, finicky, naive, clean-cut) on what colours to implement, what cuts to use. After all the diva-doing, I decided on Gabbles. Old tastes are very much in presence here. I simply cannot go for any skin with a lot of black, or any colour that screams out over the top, or any colour that is not blue. ;-)

Obviously, the restoration project will take quite some time yet, and hopefully, it will not be abandoned midway. I'm still hoping those fancy dreams of mine, as you can tell! Reality bites, true, but still not that hard!


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