Livinghigh: A heady affair
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
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A heady affair

Have computer, will type. Sounds outlandish, moronic, (inspired?), and a whole lot of things not in the least insipid. Insipidity is the true danger, so as long as I steer clear from that street, I'll be fine. Or so says the voice in my left ear. The voice in my right ear advises me to steal my flatmate's pills when he's not looking. There simply is nothing like an antibiotic-induced high - a whiff of cough syrup followed after those, and you're off snoozing a warm, happy sleep, dreaming dreams that it's nobody's business to dream...

Do I need to issue a disclaimer that I don't really abuse drugs? Damn, takes away all the fun when you have to be "nice" and "responsible". That was the voice atop my head.

On another note, please do check out this site. A friend of Sharon's is writing a blog-novel (blovel?) and it's kind of exciting, really, to come every day and read a chapter gradually, as he keys one in, every hour on the hour. (Ok, maybe that's four or five hours, but the voices on my ears and head gets the point.)

So, as part of a bargain, here are some of the lines I liked in the blovel:

a) Anybody who knew him for thirty seconds could swear that he had just met an asshole of distinguished cadre. (wonder if anybody thinks that about me?!)

b) "So, what happens in this game?" Joris asks. (yes, I know, a very cliched kind of a line to choose, but sue the voice atop my head)

Goodnight, wicked, wicked Bombay.


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