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Monday, November 08, 2004
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Thinking about a comedy sequence somewhere along the line of Friends, but then, most people who think of comedies/sitcoms/yadayadayada these days always do think of Friends first, don't they?

I planned on starting a Friends club back in college, but of course, that never materialised. Wonder, on hindsight, if any college ever did have a Friends club? I mean, think of all the possibilities - the world and its cousin's share of wierdos, all in your backyard, all sitting in a classroom with you, paying scant attention to ... economics?

And then of course, when I shifted out of Calcutta, I began thinking of my new flatmates as an extended loony version of Friends. I gave them names to amuse myself - Un-Surd, Nepali, Tam-Bram, Nonsenseboy (or was that last my own monicker?) - and I wondered how on earth we would survive in the real world, under a real job...?

I guess I know the answer to that now. Nepali cracks cases of child abuse in rural Nepal. Nonsenseboy still has that drawl and that death-defying snigger, but he chases press conferences for a living now. Tam-Bram has become a hermit at his desk, his shenanigans of the past long dead and buried. Un-Surd whines for a TV nightly. And I have stopped popping pills.



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