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Friday, November 26, 2004
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Strange, but otherwise, Balanced

Want to talk about romance, want to talk about sex, want to talk about the things I've wanted, and the things I'm scared of. The things I balk at, the things I hunger for, and the things people see movies for. (To think, that a shadowy figurine on a huge screen, coated with dust that shows up so inevitably when all lit up, satisfies the lecherous, treacherous fancies/ fantasies of myriads of people across the globe. To think that, sometimes, they satisfy mine.)

Want to talk of creation, and paradise, and trying to get the things you want in life and love. Read somewhere (not so long ago) in an otherwise crappy book (in an obviously crappy mood) that you always get the things you wanted - the time and place may not exactly match, though - and so you have to be careful about what you want. Now why on earth does that remind me of Tom Hanks and Big? Why on earth does that remind me of my life? Why on earth do we all think alike, sing alike, talk alike, walk alike, dance alike, sway alike - or maybe we don't , and it's all just a manifestation of my strange-but-otherwise-balanced frame of mind at the moment.

Am I the only one who sees the world through cut glass, and in shades of precisely four colours? Am I the only one who talks funny, walks funny, laughs funny, cracks up jokes that people say are un-funny, and thinks the whole world is quite, quite, quite funny?

Whatever happened to humour? Whatever happened to getting down to basics and letting your lips do the talking? Whatever happened to admitting that you're in love (or may be slipping thereupon) instead of sending coy sms messages and trying to distance yourself from the message inside (deep inside!) the sms? Someone called me a romantic the other day, and I quite agree. I have these notions of romance and love and what they should be, but I also have these childish ideas of playing the game and flirting and sleeping around and in general going forth and multiplying till I find the right person - and when I do, I settle down, like a good, obedient lad, determined to be all prim and proper. (I need my old school tie to be really prim and proper, though.)

And flash a smile. But I do that perennially, though. Damn - (no reason).


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