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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
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Born-again Alice

Tapping feet, and listening to George Michael who says he wants to be my 'father figure' - good heavens! So this is how I 'work' at office - various computer applications switched on, and here I am, fingers typing something, anything (email, chat, blog entry, short story, corporate news and events, market ups and downs) while my head wears this terribly cool-looking set of headphones, listening to music, sipping my fourth cup of coffee for the day. A warning voice squeaks in my ear: stop! stop! stained teeth alert! stained teeth alert! Aaa, what the hell, I have lots of alter-egos, so I can afford to ignore this one!

Welcome to the rabbit-hole.

Hmmm... I haven't used that line in a long time. For anybody interested at all, all alter-egos included, that was the title of my very first entry on livingHIGH. Full circle, half-circle, open circle, yet?

Wonder what they'll call an open circle?

Alright, so this is officially the 'nonsense' entry - haven't written one of these in a looooong time. I guess you have to be in a kind of mood to do this. Just sitting, have nothing really weighty or touching or funny or piercing to say, but simply let the inner babble babble babble come forth. That reminds me of some old poem about some brook (?!), but then I never appreciated poetry completely, so I may as well not start now. Babble babble babble till I die. Which I hope, is still many, many, many light years away.

I plan on discovering immortality. the world would really hate me then! Peace...


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