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Friday, December 03, 2004
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Happy babbling/ blogging hours

I think blogging has something to do with the kind of people you blog with. Maybe it's an unspoken rule of sorts. Something that just happens. You blog, others around you blog, that makes you blog some more. Extra. By default. By some strange force. And yes, I'm babbling now.

During my ACJ days, most of the column of names on the left below Chain were active bloggers, and we all used to bunk afternoons/ early evenings/ late evenings at college to check out each others' blogs and leave comments and yadayadayada (very Mallory Towers thing, actually, ouch!) and that somehow meant, by the simple laws of action and reaction, that everybody around you was blogging frequently, building Frequent Blogging Miles (also called sore fingers). Nowadays, unfortunately, most of the names in the column have become links to defunct blogs. Sigh - cue for violins.

And now, it's happened again. Courtesy Sharonica, who led me somehow to a whole lot of other people, who keep blogging, chatting, bitching, blogging, chatting, bitching - and the entire rigmarole - which suddenly has me blogging regularly again. Blog engine, here I come. Corny, yes - but hell, I have nothing of note to talk about right now, anyhow. I have a party to go to, but I made Gabbles much more prominent on the left now, and I thought I should just write a couple of paras of babbling just to leave something along the way.

So, adios. Happy hours are here. Blogging hours.


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