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Thursday, December 30, 2004
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I walked in to work today in a highly ebulient mood today. I've been in a mood like this after a long, long, long, LONG time, and it is not particularly endearing to my colleagues, friends and the other hapless retards who work where I work. As one hapless put it - it's WAY too early in the morning for you like this, Rahul! CHILL!

But of course, I refused to be dominated. This mood stayed. And I was singing weird little nuggets from the 80s while I tracked the Bharati Shipyard IPO (boring business stuff, so I'm not even bothering with a link), the dumbest of dumb wise cracks about 'punny' business, and so and so forth. You get the drift. And I didn't even listen to music today on the computer, while working.

For me, that's akin to 'look ma, no hands!'

PS: My coffee intake was also normal - my usual quota of four measly plastic cups. But, ooooooo ooooo, the coffee in the new office is sooooo much better than it was in the old one! Brown hashish. (That was a dumb one. I guess there's some of this morning's heady madness is still remaining.)

PPS: Most of the heady madness disappeared while I was doing the Bharati Shipyard IPO.

PPPS: On a serious note, the need for more participation in the Tsunami drive continues. Please keep tuning in to ChiensSansFrontiers and Tsunamihelp.


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