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Monday, December 27, 2004
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Not my news?

The news of the tsunami was horrific. The earthquake that caused it is said to be the fourth strongest quake in a century, and the resulting tsunamis have caused more destruction and loss of lives than any other tidal waves previously recorded.

Why on earth do I sound like an amateur facts-collector? There are so many other people, who do that better.

Have to get used to the fact that I work in a media organisation that gives more credence to Anil Ambani's tantrums than the death of more than 12,000 people in the world. I suppose it's a question of setting your channel's priorities straight. But who do I blame here? The channel, Anil Ambani for selfish timing, myself for working here, or nobody at all???? This is a rant. I'm ranting here, because according to the rules of the Pak Special, I'm not supposed to rant on DMB. I'm not feeling low, rather, it's a combination of ineffectuality, mingled with a vague wave of "hey, it's not my problem - I'm a business reporter"... and then I feel a chill. Dammit - forget about being any kind of a reporter for a second - I'm a human being.

That's when I feel cold, too. So maybe it's right that I go back to recounting facts and figures.


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