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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
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Bubble me this

Luxury is a marvelous thing. Not so much a thing, though, as it is a state of mind. Like now, for instance. I'm sitting completely vella, my kurta sleeves all rolled up, legs crossed, my face a strange mix of attention and irreverence as I type down what promises to be a completely nonsensical account of how I banter and how I joust. And I am completely caught up in the luxury of it all. True, being chauffered in a C-class Merc while typing on an IBM Thinkpad would feel superb, but somehow I doubt it would add to the charm. Definitely, I would not be this vella in that case.

That was Thought Bubble Number 1.

Someone I used to date in what seems like a long, long time ago once told me that I think in such sporadic little bubbles and say exactly what I'm thinking when such an enclosed capsule of air and whatnot appears in my brain - I grinned at the observation, and marvelled at how well that person knew me. If I had a tail, I would probably have wagged it then, in perfect golden retriever style. It's true. I'm a Leo, a completely mad, sycophantic Leo, who would love people to banter along with him. Thankfully, there are other mad people in the world with me, and May The Force Be With You Too, kids.

So, Thought Bubble Number 2 was a no-brainer cosmetic piece. I'm very good at those.


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