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Monday, January 24, 2005
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Chocolate creature

The idea behind chocolates was to make you feel like a God. It's almost as if you're this grand old priest in some ancient culture that believes in chunky gold and heavyduty orgies and what-not, but since you can't have any of that in this modern day and age, you get a piece of chocolate (preferable with nougat and caramel) and you tell youreslf, I'm the King of the World!

Poor Leo never stood a chance next to me!

So it's a drug for me, then. Something that lets me rest back onto the pillows of my bed and read a book, turn page after page in a delicious haze, about people and their stories, and feel some strange tingle induced no doubt by that ethereal brown substance invented by said pagan priests. Or something that puts a skip back in my step when I'm walking home from work, all too aware of the traffic and chaos around me, but somehow being able to shut all of that aside and think about - things... while I bite into perhaps the commonest chocolate bar... I ingest heaven for Rs 10. How sexy is that!

Cross the street and peer at the people around me, and wonder what makes them tick. The watchman sitting sprawled outside his keep, his cap in his hands, and you're wondering where on earth he comes from. Strange beginnings, strange origins and even stranger middle paths - and somehow you wonder whether the end is really that important at all. That happened to me, the other day, when I held onto a hand and pushed through a crowd, revelling in the celebration around me, pointing to art pieces arranged on the sidewalk, or twiched my nose at the delicious street food that was on display. It seemed too much of a good thing to waste - the now, the then - too much of a good thing to mire in worries about whether there would be a future at the end of it. I walked down to the Gateway after that and longed to hear the lapping of the ocean waves, and yet could not - and that was the end of that train of thought.

Or was it ever there? Or was it simply induced by a bite of nougat (and caramel)? A drug to provoke the future and examine the present, to forego the past and channel one's energies in the most lethargic coma. An ending, I search for an ending - I hunt desperately, ravage my innards, seek to put a full stop with a clause or an event or a parting treatise, and find none. Too much fury, too little substance, or the opposite?

I struggle for an ending.


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