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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
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So, I originally filed this under Chiens Sans Frontiers, but decided to post a copy here on the HIGH blog too. CSF happens to be a slightly more serious forum, and I'm just hoping that those guys don't think I'm being utterly flippant when they're all engaged about the US involvement in tsunami-stricken Sri Lanka.


One of the jokes that used to go around in journalism school was how journalists rarely got time to be clued in on the news. That happened to me, today. There I was, working on a story on ICICI Bank, when my boss asks me what the market dope is on Chidambaram saying that PSU banks will not be privatised, I gave a classic Dumb look and said, in my best reindeer imitation, that eternally meangingful intonation -


Damn. So, of course, I then did a five-minute crash course on what the Finance Minister had actually said, and what my eight-month experience in the field tells me about banks and banking stocks and market analysts and FIIs, and did an about-turn, as gracefully as I could manage, to my boss, and said - So, that really will not make much difference now, will it?... and was gratified to see her eyebrow's rise appreciably.

Getting back to the point about working journalists not having enough time to get clued in on the news breaking all around them, unless it were a tsunami or an alien landing, I wonder if it's true for most of you guys working out there, or it's just plain daft old me! How is it that I rarely have time to examine a newspaper from Page 1 to the Sports section these days (well, I never was one for the Sports, so forget that last one)? And before you scream Troll! Troll! and come after me with pitchforks, let me assure you that I rarely have time for Bombay Times either - thank heavens for small mercies!

No, I mostly spend my morning time fighting off blood paroxysms in a speeding cab, trying to get to work not too late, while listening to Good Morning Mumbai! on the radio, plugged in my ears.


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