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Friday, January 28, 2005
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Fictionary, anyone?

I have written a new story. But I've realised that if I post entire stories in this blog, as I have done previously, the space tends to get filled up all too fast. So there you go - I'm going to make use of my parallel fiction blog, and promote it a bit - if any body is interested in fiction, that is. It's called The Gabbles (yea, cuz I gab, gab, gab, gab...) and there's a link to it on the left-hand side, under Storyteller's Nook (which also contains links to some other amazing fiction blogs I've come across, by the way)

So, anyway, here's an excerpt from the new story -


They were playing something on the radio that made his passenger hold herself tight and sigh over and over, and that drew his attention to her. He was an ordinary little man, too short for his age, too stout for his size, too mild for his profession. Or so he kept on chiding himself about. He hated his wife, hated her mother even more, but was in love with this yellow-and-black cab that he plied across the vast regime of Bombay that he liked to think, in some small way, was a part of him. A part of his territory, a part of his fief. And he liked to think of all the people therein, in some small way, connected to him.

He was a self-important little man. He knew that too about him, but he didn't really care.

And that woman's silent snifling drew his attention to her. So he looked into the rear view mirror and wondered what she was all about.

You can read the whole thing HERE.

Mirror Mirror #2: I used to be a sloppy eater when I was chhotu - though a highly independent one. I would refuse to be fed when I was a kid, and preferred to slap my hand into the food and slap it back on my face, managing to get some of it in my mouth in the process. In sharp contrast: I am a fastidious eater today, who leaves his plate cystal-clear, all the little katoris neatly arranged in a line, or one top of the other. I may have just become a greedier eater.


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