Livinghigh: Happy Almost-Birthday
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
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Happy Almost-Birthday

Not yet a year old, but she's definitely getting there, LivingHIGH. I was reading this entry in Elixir's babe, and I wondered when on earth I had decided to start up this little forum for my thoughts - the answer turns out to be Tuesday, January 27, 2004, in a post titled Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Seeing that next week I'll be within spitting distance of my full year, and seeing that I have nothing better to do right now, I thought I'd recreate portions of that entry and comment on me, mua, myself and yours truly.

The post begins, There's a special attraction to doing the kind of thing you're told not to. That's like a universal truth. Surfing porn on the net just before leaving for college, so that when you finally do arrive, your friends marvel at the goofy grin on your face. Sitting on somebody else's computer chair in the lab when he/she's not there and writing silly messages on the desktop. That's fun - in a curious, demented, whacko-jacko kind of way.

I'm still whacko-jacko, albeit a mellower one. My goofy grin remains intact, thank heavens! I still love porn, though god knows that my consumption of the stuff has been pulled back to extinction these days! I like to think I'm more evolved now - thanks to my shitty job, I have my own computer chair, and there is no need to kidnap somebody else's!

And god, I'm ALL for WORLD PEACE!

So, carrying on, I start describing possibly the most influential guy in my life at that time - my roomie in Chennai - We have a kind of a war of words going on. I like to call him names, and he likes to hide my prescription pills. We like to call it a 'made-for-each-other' relationship. He's called Nelson and he's my libido's conscience-keeper.

I still had my computer in those days and I still had access to porn. Now, I have neither (sniff, sniff). But I remember those nightly walks that Nelly and I and our friend the Nut-cracker would take down the apartment grounds, talking about love and life and the myriads of things that come in between - I got some of the worst love-life advice possible in those walks, so of course they're special to me!

I like to think we're all 'living high'. I like to think we did an internship with the Buddha before joining ACJ and are experts on the Middle Path. I like to think I know the Art of Living to a tee. I like to think I'm normal.

Denial is still one of my strongest points.


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