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Friday, March 25, 2005
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Avatar for the day: Easter Bunny

Good Friday and Easter have always been a happy occassion with me - not least, because of the lovely extended weekend vacation it meant for me, because of missionary school: Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday. So, I kinda club all of them together, and have a ball, expect Easter Eggs from well-wishers (any out there?) and generally chill out at home. So, this year, I dash out a quick sms to a Catholic friend in Bombay: Have a GREAT good friday and a happy easter!

Terse came the reply: This is actually a day of sadness and mourning, but the thought is appreciated.

Oops. Foot too big to fit in mua's mouth, methinks.


In other news for the day: I had seen this great little piece by August that reminded me a lot about something I had written a coupla years back. ad to go hunting for it, and well, here it is in Gabbles, titled The Blind Men Who See. I thought about redoing it a bit, but was lazy in the end. So, I just did a basic cut-copy-paste. But, hell, it's still not so bad. The opening para is:

When you think you've done it all one fine day, my friend, come out with me. We'll walk and we'll talk, and we might even walk the talk. No more looking for hidden meanings, no more talking about hidden reasons. I might not even utter a word, for all you know: I probably won't. Two blind men ambling down the lined road, hands in pockets, walking sticks tapping on the gravel. We might hear yells from the children; we might hear the twittering of birds. We might feel the cool breeze wafting down upon us; we might hear the crunch of pebbles underneath our feet. I'm liable to smile then, and I'd advise the same to you.

Tell me what you saw.

Mirror Mirror #22: I looooove the chocolate eggs, rather than the marzipan ones, though the former are smaller! Can you imagine holding a solid chocolate egg in your hand and biting into the skin delectably! I think I'm having an orgasm now.


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