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Monday, March 21, 2005
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The clock blinking at the bottom right-hand side of the computer says it is 2.20 am IST, so I may be forgiven my dawdling, my shenanigans, my queries, my excuses, my madness, as I ask myself again and again what on earth I'm still doing up. Was this what they meant by insomnia? A pox on technology and computers then, for making men what we are. I'm not sure what it is on earth that I mean, what it is that time means, and what on earth I'm about to do. A part of me is crying out for sleep, and the other part is getting a sadistic pleasure in torturing the first part. Maybe that's what they call "living" - I'm not sure about the high part, though.

A transcript of a few seconds back:

livinghigher: i dunno y i'm still alive

livinghigher: yawn

music_film: I bet your yawn is cute!

livinghigher: i KNOW ure flirting is cute ;-)

music_film: I can't flirt

livinghigher: no, u cant flirt. u just say terribly cute things

livinghigher: ;-)

music_film: you like?

livinghigher: yes, i like.

livinghigher: ;-)

livinghigher: alrite

livinghigher: i'm tired

livinghigher: am goin to bed

livinghigher: gnite, luv

livinghigher: see u around

music_film: nighty night

PS: I wonder who flirts worst: livinghigher or music_film. Inputs?

Mirror Mirror #21: Somebody once told me, when I flirt I sound positively sarcastic. Vile charges. But maybe that explains my singular status?


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