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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
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A poetic friend writes, and I had to post.

Does love truly have a definition
Or do we make definitions to satisfy ourselves?
There is also hurt to look at.
Our hearts are fragile.
Handle with care,
Is written and yet,
We treat it without respect.
Insanity in love.
I love the madness of loving you
While you look in the other direction.
How can you break my heart
When you are capable only of mending it?
Don't you see the power you have?
Or maybe you do... you feel something too.
It's a feeling that I get,
That makes me know that you are there.
What makes me stay is you.
What makes me strong are your arms.
I do not know whether you will engulf me in them,
Though I wish you would.
My church of security,
My temple of belief,
My gurudwara of hope.
And I bow before you.
No ego
No strings
Nothing. Only You.
And me.
Silence. Love.
Departure and Arrival.
A new beginning.

Yes, slightly mushy, very rambling, but hey, it's a friend, and though I may be bitchy, I'm nice, too. I thought it wasn't bad. ;-)


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