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Thursday, March 03, 2005
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The King and I

The issue is marriage, and whether arranged marriages are best, or love marriages. For one, I find the nomenclature quite idiotic for both, but that's something else. I have a brother who wants to get married, but is too bothered with work to actually make inroads for a marriage (of sorts) himself. I have a father who is highly excited at the prospect of finding a daughter-in-law. And I have a mother who herself has got married in true Hindi film-ishtyle, and is privately quite mortified at the proposal of going through rishtas for her elder son, but being a dutiful mom will do so otherwise with a straight face. And as the sole computer-literate member of my family at Calcutta, I am automatically designated in-charge of Online Proposals -,,, I have been through them all.

So is that or is that not a sure-fire recipe for instant rip-roaring comedies?

(My poor, poor brother. I should have packed him off for the Time Out 5-minute dating party in Bombay last month! Mum would have been relieved, I think.)


Elvis Presley is crooning Are You Lonesome Tonight? right now, and I wonder how sane I really am. It is the 3rd of March, and I hit Bombay exactly a week later, on the 10th. I don't exactly expect a float with scantily-clad cheerleaders, but yes, that would be nice, nevertheless.

Mirror Mirror #14: I'm a mushy romantic at heart, though people say I can actually be quite a cynical pain-in-the-ass. Today, I scared away a hapless anonymous person on the net, who thought I was being unduly sarcastic. WUSSY!


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