Livinghigh: LivingHIGH Ads - No revenue, though (sigh!)
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
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LivingHIGH Ads - No revenue, though (sigh!)

So this one is more like an advertorial. Two blogs that I would like people to take note of, if they ever do find their way in here, and I would like to post a neon sign (as it were) to point the way forward for them. So, without further adieu,. we have:

1. timecode
Where Sanjaya and Kunal tell the world about the broadcast industry

In its words, This is where two young broadcast industry professionals talk about what we think about the industry, good shows and bad shows, editors, cameramen, producers, how they work, spin (good and bad) and all kinds of other random things related to the broadcast media.

Makes for interesting reading, an insight into the silliness that makes a PCR, MCR, Edit Bay and all de silly rooms that constitute Pandemonium. (There's a link to this blog at the right-hand side, under The Chain.)

2. indi3
Independent, Individual, Indian

The caveat runs: We're a loose association of Indian bloggers, an informal collective. We're not a lobby. We're more a lounge.... We're banding together for one simple reason. We see the need for a place where we can discuss, in a civilised manner, the things that affect us all as bloggers. Nothing more, nothing less.The rest can be discussed elsewhere.

It's recent - the very first entry was posted last week, on March 16. But I think it's an interesting space t watch out for. Sonething heavy, something light, something important all the time - am keeping my fingers crossed.


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