Livinghigh: Media vs Entertainment, and NCR vs Mumbai
Wednesday, March 02, 2005
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Media vs Entertainment, and NCR vs Mumbai

According to the cover story of the latest India Today, the media/ entertainment sector is slated for the largest pay-hike across sectors of the economy, in the year ahead: a rate of 15.4%. Do my eyes deceive me, or does that seem to elude me, as I look at my pay cheque? Or maybe, 15% of that hike is for the entertainment sector, while media gets the paltry 0.4%? Methinks, I should fulfill my childhood ambitions of running away to join the circus. At least I have the gift of gab.

The same story further compounds my conundrum, when it proclaims that the National Capital Region will generate the maximum number of jobs in 2005, while Mumbai trails in fifth place, and the gap in between is made up of Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Moreover, Mumbai is the city where commuting takes the longest time and is the most expensive, apparently. When I asked the tarot card reader whether I should change cities to help my career prospects, the blackguard had nodded enigmatically: why o why did I not ask him outright, if Dilli was the key?!

On a more personal note, the other night, I was actually having trouble falling asleep, as I kept on remembering things I'd done and places I'd been to, in Delhi. Sigh...

Mirror Mirror #13: I can be acutely indecisive at times - the present is a case in point - while I make up my mind in a flash at others. These disparate situations are also not separate in terms of importance, so I can't even dismiss myself as a hack who takes time for the most important decisions of his life! Sometimes, I think I'm the Energizer Bunny who develops a strange, unexplained snag at times.


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