Livinghigh: A Million Dollars now, please
Sunday, March 27, 2005
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A Million Dollars now, please

I could have sworn that I'd written a post here about seeing Million Dollar Baby, but it seems to have disappeared. Perhaps I deleted it by mistake, but could I have been that dumb? (No pressing reason to answer that anytime soon.)

So, any way, MDB is this brilliantly sad flick about a jaded boxing coach training this not-so-young (she's supposed to be 31 years old) gutsy chick to get to the top of the women's boxing championship. It is guaranteed to have you dissolve into tears, if you are even a fraction of what I am capable of: I boo-hooed my way out of the hall, after watching K3G, admittedly not one of my finest moments. To get to the point, there are a coupla things that I have to mention about MDB:

;-) I think you get my point.


The next movie on my list is My Brother Nikhil. I believe, both Sanjay Suri and Juhi Chawla (that smile!) have done an amazing job. And I'm glad to see that the movie has not skirted (apparently, from what I can tell in the reviews) the homosexual issue. Should be an amazing movie. Am trying to drag my bro to see the film. Though, after having watched MDB with me as I wept away to glory, he's not very keen on it!

By the way, it's my bro's birthday tomorrow. I offered to treat him to dinner, apart from gifting him this sexy blue Lombard tie. Am demented, as well as broke.


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