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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
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My Brother Shaurabh ;-)

Well, I saw My Brother Nikhil, and it has been disappointing - kinda. I still turned the tapworks on, but hell, anyone who's been to a movie with me knows that it doesn't take too much effort for that to happen! ;-) MBN lacks continuity. It's a movie that seems terribly cliched to me. Perhaps, it wouldn't have, if I hadn't seen Phir Milenge... but somehow, I think I would still have sniggered at it, even without PM.

What bugged me the most:
1. The decade in Nikhil's life jumps about far too much, and the narration lacks a flow.
2. It's an exercise in cliched dialogue, one after the other.
3. The parents, both Victor Banerjee and Lilette Dubey, are agonising. Dubey is AWFUL *screech*!!!!!
4. Sanjay Suri has flashes of subtlety amidst three hours of 'performance'. His last, wheelchair avatar is o-so-ungodly cliched.
5. There was no Westside showroom in 1994, which is typed o-so neatly in the corner of the screen, when they show Leena.

The high points of MBN:
1. Juhi Chawla is AMAZING!!!!
2. Goa is AMAZING!!! (both Sanjay Suri's house and lover Purab's bungalow)
3. Purab, as the boyfriend, does a great job, though his lines tend to get a bit soap opera-ish at times.
4. I loooove the song. (both the male and female versions, though they only play KK's one on the radio)

Proud of myself for: restraining bro from walking out of the theatre during the interval. I hate doing that. That makes me lose the opportunity of bitching about a movie. ;-)

Chaandni Muskuraye
Jab hawa kuchh kahe...
Samjho meri sadaye
hai tere saath mein
Jo ghana fiza mein andhera
layenge hum sawere tere liye...
Le chale Le chale...
Yado ke ye kafile...
Jayenge hum jahan
ye jamin aasmaa


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