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Friday, March 18, 2005
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Go Play, is what Diet Pepsi exhorts. You'd think that you would save enough calories by drinking Diet Pepsi so as to jump about the dance floor, doing all sorts of gymnastics in your black jumper (suitably branded) and playing with a can of the beverage, so that thick beads of the glinting liquid (high viscousity, magically enough!) keep popping around like big shining marbles on the floor, on the walls, and finally in your mouth. That's supposed to be cool. That's supposed to be sexy. That's supposed to inspire you to take your own black jumper (suitably branded) from your own closet - if you don't have one, get one! - and make your own way to the most happening club in town. We're assuming that you don't have to be nosed about by a big, bulky bouncer and that you have the 1 grand required to get your ass in.

It's a wonderful concept by Diet Pepsi, actually: I quite like it.

It's a concept that tells you to let go, and live for the moment. Something that credit card companies advise you to do as well. Live on credit and fresh air, because love is a dirty word which may not mean anything at all anymore, judging by your own and your neighbour's horrific experiences. So; buy a car, rent an apartment, boogy on the most expensive dance floor in Colaba, and wink at some hotties on the beach. and never forget to go around without your Gold International card tucked away neatly in your black jumper pocket.

That is the secret to a happy life. Even the sad old man on the mountain, who never goes to any night clubs and has never played with Pepsi in his sad old life, will tell you that.

Mirror Mirror #20: The title Play reminded me about J.LO and her song. I actually like that song: I think it's sexy and quiiiite funky. Actually, I quite like J.LO (sorry, Jennifer now) both as a singer and as an actress. Notable J.LO movies (screw Jennifer!) I have seen: Selina, The Wedding Planner, the thing with Ralph Feinnes I can't recall the name of.


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