Livinghigh: Who believes in Serendipity?
Monday, March 07, 2005
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Who believes in Serendipity?

Romanticism runs in the family, or, rather, in specific veins of my family. There is my grandmum, who was sorely disappointed when I explained to her that there was simply NO romantic angle in the movie Chicago - she's a major fan of Richard Gere - and that it was a black comedy. My mum, who is romantic in theory, found the idea of a black comedy quite silly, and she thinks kisses are thoroughly unhygenic, because nobody ever knows where people put their lips in the first place, and there is bad breath as a further deterrent. My dad doesn't care for romantic comedies at all, at least the English ones, and yes, I hope HOPE that its not his breath which has given my mum such an extremist view about kissing.

For me, I love kissing. ;-) But I'm a middleman-romantic. I believe in love, I would love to be in love myself, but am afraid that I will never see it. My relationships seem shortlived, and I thrive on the short-term high of passion and sex, and find it very difficult to stick it out. I may even be what a blog-buddy terms a 'playa'.

Hmmm. Food for thought.

I finally saw Serendipity last night. A lovely little romantic comedy, with John Cusack (whom 99% women seem to find attractive for some reason or the other) and Kate Beckinsale (whom I find utterly yummy!). I must say, Beckinsale's performance was a happy surprise for me, after the crap she turned in for Van Helsing and Underworld (both grisly so-called modern horror movies that I loved for sheer thrill value and Beckinsale's sex value!). For anyone who's missed out on Serendipity, the word means a 'fortunate accident', and the movie is about how this pair meet by serendipity one evening, and after a couple of years a number of happy coincidences result in their meeting up again and ending together. A very nice, sugar-coated, chocolate-stuffed, caramelised piece of pastry. ;-)

Mirror Mirror #16: I was the fat little boy in kindergarten whom everyone liked to cuddle, then I became the stout older boy in school, then the portly young man in college, and then came a year in Chennai. That made me a sexy hot thing with a rake-like body! ;-) Lassi and paranthas in Delhi added some more meat to my bones, though, and my rich bro's feasting in Bombay also did the same. I'm not fat any more, but have lost my sexy rake-build now! sniff!


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