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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
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Editor For A Day

Yesterday, I was Editor For A Day. All of it deserves to be in capitals, even For A Day, as that has its own significance. That meant, that come the next day, I would be mere mortal again, so I would have to go easy on my erstwhile friends and colleagues about story copies that have some in too late or have come in too wrong. That meant, that come the next day, I would still be eligible in the club of wranglers to bitch about the Editor For The Rest Of The Days.


Being Editor For A Day meant that I was editing copy, hunting news, allocating wire stories, yelling for the technical team to back me up while reloading the site, chewing up a pencil while determining which story to rank as Number One, hobnobbing with the Markets Editor For Everyday, and generally fuming at my computer screen.

It also meant a hold on my goofing off. No blog writing or checking. No chats on Yahoo. No soft music to tame the savage beast, just when the savage beast needed taming the most. No fifteen-minute phone-calls. No coffee breaks to wonder at how time flies by. I only had one cup of coffee the whole of yesterday, in place of my usual seven.

If my doctor had his way, he would make me Editor For Every Day. I'm not wholly sure I would like that, though.


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