Livinghigh: I could have danced all night!
Sunday, April 10, 2005
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I could have danced all night!

I danced on Friday night. I loved it. Polly Esther's was awesome, and I was like the frikkin' belle of the ball - except that I'm not really a belle, and it was hardly a ball. But it was awesome and I loved it. Songs I haven't heard in ages came running back, and songs that I'd been hoping for soooo long came jumping back at me! And I was possessed, demented, cathartised, emancipated, clarified, maddened, all at once. Yes, you can call me Twinkle Toes. Yes, you can call me Mad Hatter. They're all synonyms for Living High, hereafter.

Saturday night was a bit more sedate. But every bit as lovely. Discovered this lovely place called Mocambo's in Fort, that serves up amazing Continental and Italian food, but I managed to avoid the pasta this time, and had this yummy fish preparation instead, with oodles of cream sauce, mushrooms and a hunk of cheese on top. Dessert was picture-perfect: a huge piece of Kahlua torte, soaked in rum. And after that, a date with Ms Congeniality: Armed and Fabulous.

So, let's talk about Sandra:
1. I love her.
2. I love her.
3. I love her.
4. Movie was a good timepass. Lotsa jokes, lotsa funnies, some sentu' stuff thrown in.
5. Sandra does a great Ms FBI routine. Had me chortling throughout.
6. I love her.
7. I love her.
8. I love her.

I suppose you get the point I'm trying to make.

Mirror Mirror #26: One of my favourite movie songs: I could have danced all night, in My Fair Lady. Amazing movie, and amazing song. I loved the picturisation, and Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite actresses of all time. There was a time when I knew all the words to the song.


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