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Thursday, April 21, 2005
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A lil bit of Marx here

I'm in the whole dweeb look today! Yay! Complete with crimson t-shirt over baggy blue jeans, topped up with Adidas cap and black sandals, complete with oval glasses.


But then, there are other creatures around me who take the definition of dweeb to a whole new level. Picture Nut-cracker in a particularly mad mood throwing dead ants all around her, and bemoaning the fact that Mr Six Legs is doing the Climb Every Mountain (remix by Juggy-D) right now, while she does the solo in her best Nun Maria imitation! And, o yes, if you're interested, she's "big boned".

Yay! Yay!

Then there's the nerdy bong-bongo journo on the other end, who's all set to become a sting guy, a-la Rucha Whatshername, though I doubt Aman Verma would want to be "naughty" around him! He's got a jhola, and the classic French goatee, and the even-more-classic faded shirt and frayed jeans. And yes, he keeps on muttering "fuckall!" to his computer every now and then.

Dweebs of the world, UNITE!


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