Livinghigh: My favourite Archies song? But of course, Sugar Sugar!
Thursday, April 07, 2005
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My favourite Archies song? But of course, Sugar Sugar!

The dust flies thick, and it flies fast. There are decisions that I am loath to take, and for no other stupid reason, than it disturbs my 'scheme of things'. Somehow, the idea that flexibility is essential in my line, the need to roll with the flow, has been eroded in my life once again, and I blame it all on the last 11 months. I'm talking in riddles, because I'm ranting. Not because of any great confidentiality scare, but rather, because, yes - I'm ranting.

It feels good to rant.

That reminds me of an Archies comic I'd read many moons ago, about Veronica and Reggie telling Archie and Betty that they should give in to their rage more often and shout about a lot, because it's beneficial to let off steam when you're stressed. That's when Ms Grundy passes by, and she says, V and R simply echo what many learned psychiatrists advise - the rest advise growing up!

So does that mean I still need to grow up? Well, whoever disputed that!!!


And yes, by popular demand, Mirror Mirror is back. Before you start making accusations that I'm just a drama queen who simply wanted a huge outpouring of etc etc before I return it, I have a rejoinder: it comes with a clause - namely, that I will give into my lazy and bored self and post it only on such occassions as I'm not bored, - so hopefully, that will lessen the scope of further boredom.

Or whatever.

Mirror Mirror #24: I have always loved reading Archie comics, though I haven't read one for ages now! Contrary to what most people say/think about comics, Archies helped a lot with my vocabulary: giving me words like procrastinate (so relevant!) and smorgasbord, and many others that I can't recall now. Yes, Sabrina was cute too, but her boyfriend Harvey was a dolt and I really would love to turn him into a toad.


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