Livinghigh: Nobody could ever kill the Radio Star...
Tuesday, April 05, 2005
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Nobody could ever kill the Radio Star...

I come to work, as often as I can, with my walkman tucked in my jeans, and a self-satisfied grin on my face. Admittedly, it makes for some deft handling of my bag straps, maneuvering in the cab with sunglasses, walkman chord and gym bag all in tow, but I manage, somehow. Admittedly, I get curious stares from the neighbourhood kids when I walk past them, but hell, I think it's worth it. I enter my office to the strains of Thoya Thoya, and that inevitably means I'm in a good mood.

Good Morning Mumbai is an integral part of my workday, and not even my editor's sardonic stare can make me part with it. I love the idiotic banter, the idiotic guests on their games who muddle up easy freebies, and the great songs. I love jiving to Rabba Rabba from Monsoon Wedding, while I type in an article about Jubilant Organosys taking over a US company. I love looking at the TV next to me, a boring CNBC-TV18 broadcast, while Sunidhi Chauhan croons ever so seductively in my ears. It brings a smile to my face. My colleagues are happy - I don't bust their balls with my dumb jokes as long as Good Morning Mumbai holds me in thrall.

Yesterday afternoon, they were playing The Beatles, and that was simply mind-blowing. And then, my favourite diva-song, Superstar by Jemilia. Eclectic mix, and yes, I was dancing in my seat. I need to find a disc, I need to get a permanent memership there, but hell, I need to do a lot of things, many of which I am too lazy or too broke for. And last night, there was this John Lennon Special on Nightlife with Glenn: amazing stuff, and the only thing more amazing is to know that the Special will continue throughout the week.

They're playing One Love by Blue right now, and while doing the classic hip hop moves with my ears, head, shoulders and torso, I'm wondering whether I should take the walkman with me when I go reporting awhile later...

I'm sorely tempted.


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