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Friday, April 15, 2005
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On a roll here

This looks like the gingerbread house gone horribly, horribly corporate with a vengeance. Red wall in front, yellow to the right, blue behind me, white to my left, with teeny little cracks appearing in the paint, a corporate HR guy's nightmare. There are yellow beams overhead, where the roof thatches up like the gingerbread cone, and light bars suspended like rows of chocolate-lined wafers. Hansel and Gretel are gone, and I'm left here instead.

On the evening shift at work.

Bored. Tired. Hungry, but dieting. (Or trying to). Determined not to do work, so that's why I'm blogging. And will proceed forthwith to read other blogs. Glazed eyes, dreaming of gingerbread houses and candy canes.

Listening to Funky Guru by Yatri. Gets me grooving. Am perplexed because I want to go to a rave, but wonder whether the weed will agree with me.


And yes: I have a complaint to make: why the hell does nobody go over to Gabbles and read the frikkin' story?! Been up there for ages, people!

You get a rap on each knuckle now. rap, rap!

Mirror Mirror #27: I've never had weed, but was involved with someone who was a major weed addict. Never had ciggies, but kept on rolling joints! Though I hated the idea of that, and kept on lecturing like grandpappy on a rocking horse, I must admit that the sex after a roll was fantabulous. Oops, am I propagating the wrong values here to the kiddies?


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