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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
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Optimism personified

The morning started well. I was in an optimistic mood. The day started off with a huge hunk of Dutch chocolate truffle pastry, followed by a highly luxurious bar of Mars in the cab. There was Tom Petty singing Free Falling in my ears, and I was free-jumping in the air.

Yes, the cab driver didn't have change, so I got short-changed two bucks (no pun intended), but he was an immensely polite Muslim guy, so I was not really pissed off. Hard to come by sweet guys like that these days, I thought, like your typical nonagenerian, and then sauntered off, gymbag, walkman and chocolate in hand, towards my office building.

Yes, a crow shat on my brand new cap, but look at it this way - thank god, I was wearing the cap, otherwise, I would have had the goop all over my shirt and that would have been much worse! This way, I just put the cap under a running tap and voila - goop gone! No loss of ebulance in the bargain!

It would be worthwhile, I think, to post a "Day Over" entry here as well, to see just how much of that ebulance is still intact.

Postscript: Day ended well, I guess. Did work, met with friend, had fun and coffee. Walked home. Decided to skip dinner and had a pack of Choconut biscuits instead. Chatted with flatmate before nodding off to sleep. Read a couple of chapters of Amitav Ghosh. Not bad.


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